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Editorial Board

Editors in Chief
Alexej Verkhratsky The University of Manchester, UK  
Maiken Nedergaard Center for Translational Neuromedicine University of Rochester, USA  

Associate Editors
Michael V.L. Bennett Albert Einstein College of Medicine, USA Connexins/pannexins
lya Bezprozvanny University of Texas Southwestern, USA InsP3 receptors
Jean-Marie Boeynaems Free University of Brussels, Belgium Metabotropic P2Y receptors
Geoffrey Burnstock, FRS University College London, UK GPCR; purinoceptors
Claudia Eder St. Georges University London, UK Proton channels
Andrew Irving University of Dundee, UK Cannabinoid receptors: molecular physiology and distribution
Paul J. Kammermeier University of Rochester GPCRs
Stuart Lipton Burnham Institute for Medical Research Glutamate receptors, pharmacology
Jian Kang New York Medical College, USA AMPA/kainate receptors
Gitte Moos Knudsen Copenhagen University Hospital, Denmark Serotonine/dopamine receptors
Oleg Krishtal Bogomoletz Institute of Physiology, Ukraine ASIC channels
Diane Lipscombe Brown University, USA Ca-channels, N-type
Stuart Lipton Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute, USA Glutamate receptors, pharmacology
Robert Lucas University of Manchester, UK Photoreception
Erlend Nagelhus University of Oslo Aquaporins
Ole Petter Ottersen University of Oslo, Norway Aquaporins
Vladimir Parpura University of Alabama, USA SLC (solute carriers)
Ole H. Petersen University of Cardiff, UK Ryr receptors

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