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Fertilization to Gastrulation

Cytoplasmic localization and reorganization in ascidian eggs: role of postplasmic/PEM RNAs in axis formation and fate determination

Advanced Review
Kazuhiro W. Makabe, Hiroki Nishida
Published Online: Apr 09 2012

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Cortical rotation and messenger RNA localization in Xenopus axis formation

Advanced Review
Douglas W. Houston
Published Online: Jan 19 2012

Abstract Full article on Wiley Online Library:   HTML | PDF
The maternal muscle determinant in the ascidian egg

Focus Article
Hiroki Nishida
Published Online: Dec 27 2011

Abstract Full article on Wiley Online Library:   HTML | PDF
Early development of cephalochordates (amphioxus)

Linda Z. Holland, Takayuki Onai
Published Online: Dec 05 2011

Abstract Full article on Wiley Online Library:   HTML | PDF

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Blanche Capel

Blanche Capel

earned her Ph.D. at the University of Pennsylvania and has been at Duke University since 1993. She earned her endowed professorship, the James B. Duke Professor of Cell Biology, for the meaningful discoveries she has made since her postdoctoral work in genetics at the National Institute for Medical Research in London. The broad goal of the research in Dr. Capel’s laboratory is to characterize the cellular and molecular basis of morphogenesis – how the body forms. She uses gonadal (gender/sex) development in the mouse as her model system and investigates a gene she helped discover, Sry, the male sex determining gene. Gonad development is unique in that a single rudimentary tissue can be induced to form one of two different organs, an ovary or testis, and she is learning all she can about this central mystery of biology.

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