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WIREs Dev Biol
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Editorial Board

Editors in Chief
Name Affiliation Term
John C. Gerhart University of California, Berkeley 2008 -
Alexandra L. Joyner Sloan-Kettering Institute 2013 -
Eric F. Wieschaus Princeton University 2008 -


Previous Editor in Chief
Gail R. Martin University of California, San Francisco 2008 - 2012


Associate Editors
Name (Term) Affiliation WIREs Dev Biol Topic
Richard Harland (2010 - ) University of California, Berkeley Early Embryonic Development
Oliver Hobert (2012 - ) Columbia University Invertebrate Organogenesis
Blanche Capel (2014 - ) Duke University Medical Center Vertebrate Organogenesis
Jane E. Johnson (2013 - ) University of Texas Southwestern Nervous System Development
Mike Levine (2009 - ) Princeton University Gene Expression and Transcriptional Hierarchies
Nipam Patel (2015 - ) University of California, Berkeley Comparative Development and Evolution
Norbert Perrimon (2009 - ) Harvard Medical School Technologies
Jonathan Slack (2009 - ) University of Minnesota Establishment of Spatial and Temporal Patterns
Paul A. Trainor (2009 - ) Stowers Institute for Medical Research Birth Defects


Previous Associate Editors
Richard R. Behringer (2010 - 2016) University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center Comparative Development and Evolution
Brigid L.M. Hogan (2009 - 2014) Duke University Medical Center Vertebrate Organogenesis
Alexandra L. Joyner (2010 - 2012) Sloan-Kettering Institute Nervous System Development
Susan Mango (2010 - 2012) Harvard University Invertebrate Organogenesis
Roel Nusse (2009 - 2014) Stanford University Signaling Pathways *
Scott Poethig (2009 - 2014) University of Pennsylvania Plant Development *
Allan Spradling (2009 - 2014) Carnegie Institution Adult Stem Cells, Tissue Renewal, and Regeneration

* These will be covered in other sections, where applicable.

SDB Liaison
Jasna Markovac (2008 - ) University of Michigan Medical School

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