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Understanding crime scene examination through an ethnographic lens

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Abstract Ethnographic methods offer huge potential in better understanding the professional profile, skills, expertise and working practices of the crime scene examiner (CSE). However, to date, their use to study the CSE has been limited. We draw on our research on the CSE within England and Wales and studies from other settings to demonstrate some of the complex negotiations and everyday practices that take place in the performance of crime scene examination. We focus specifically on their training, activities and role, and what an ethnographic lens adds to existing knowledge on the processes and practices of completing crime scene examination work. This article is categorized under: Forensic Science in Action/Crime Scene Investigation > Crime Scene Examination Forensic Science in Action/Crime Scene Investigation > Education and Formation

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Forensic Science in Action/Crime Scene Investigation > Education and Formation
Forensic Science in Action/Crime Scene Investigation > Crime Scene Examination

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