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WIREs Data Mining Knowl Discov
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Software and applications of spatial data mining

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Most big data are spatially referenced, and spatial data mining (SDM) is the key to the value of big data. In this paper, SDM are overviewed in the aspects of software and application. First, spatial data are summarized on their rapid growth, distinct characteristics, and implicit values. Second, the principles of SDM are briefed with the descriptive definition, fundamental attributes, discovery mechanism, and usable methods. Third, SDM software is presented in the context of software components, developing methodology, typical software for geographical information system (GIS) data and remote sensing (RS) images, and software trend. Fourth, SDM applications are outlined on GIS data, RS image, and spatiotemporal video data. The final is the concluding remarks and perspectives. WIREs Data Mining Knowl Discov 2016, 6:84–114. doi: 10.1002/widm.1180

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  • Algorithmic Development > Spatial and Temporal Data Mining
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The image pyramid with hierarchical scales.
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Space‐time video sequence‐based event detection.
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Pedestrian classification based on hog operator.
[ Normal View | Magnified View ]
The nighttime light monthly composites: (a) March 2011; and (b) February 2014.
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Chinese HFT map of 2008 with 1 km × 1 km resolution.
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Sampled image retrieval on standard image and candidate image.
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The discover knowledge of Baota landslide. (a) Microcosmic knowledge, (b) mid‐cosmic knowledge, and (c) macrocosmic knowledge.
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Operational evaluation and location selection of new bank in Atlanta.
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Geographic‐economic association rules and their generalization rules: (a) is generalized from (b).
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Every Data system.
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A global network on all Linux kernel functions.
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Requirement acquisition—the bottleneck of software development.
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Developing methodology of Software.
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The framework of RSImageMiner.
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The framework of GISDBMiner.
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Parallel‐coordinate visualization and C4.5 on decision tree. (a) Parallel‐coordinate visualization and (b) C4.5 on decision tree.
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Spatial data mining pyramid.
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