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Robert N. Rodriguez
Current Affiliation: SAS Institute
Research Area: Statistical software research and development

"I was first exposed to interdisciplinary research during the late 1970s as a research statistician at GM Research Labs, where I collaborated with scientists, engineers, and other researchers by analyzing data in a wide range of areas: fuels and lubricants research, quality improvement in vehicle assembly, environmental studies, and traffic safety. That experience motivated my interest in developing general purpose statistical software, which in turn led to my career as a developer of statistical software at SAS Institute, where I have now been for over 25 years. The field of statistics has always been characterized by interdisciplinary applications, but it is especially exciting to be a statistician today, when advances in the field are driven by large amounts of scientific and business data and by the availability of unprecedented computational power."

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WIREs WIREs Computational Statistics
Published Online: Sep 24 2010
DOI: 10.1002/wics.131
Abstract Full article on Wiley Online Library:   HTML | PDF

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