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Nanoparticle approaches against bacterial infections

Advanced Review
Weiwei Gao, Soracha Thamphiwatana, Pavimol Angsantikul, Liangfang Zhang
Published Online: Jul 15 2014

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Particle‐induced pulmonary acute phase response may be the causal link between particle inhalation and cardiovascular disease

Advanced Review
Anne T Saber, Nicklas R Jacobsen, Petra Jackson, Sarah Søs Poulsen, Zdenka O Kyjovska, Sabina Halappanavar, Carole L. Yauk, Håkan Wallin, Ulla Vogel
Published Online: Jun 12 2014

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Recent development of antifouling polymers: structure, evaluation, and biomedical applications in nano/micro‐structures

Focus Article
Lingyun Liu, Wenchen Li, Qingsheng Liu
Published Online: Jun 02 2014

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James F. Leary

James F. Leary
has been contributing to nanomedical research and technologies throughout his career. Such contributions include the invention of high-speed flow cytometry, cell sorting techniques, and rare-event methods. Dr. Leary’s current research spans across three general areas in nanomedicine. The first is the development of high-throughput single-cell flow cytometry and cell sorting technologies. The second explores BioMEMS technologies. These include miniaturized cell sorters, portable devices for detection of microbial pathogens in food and water, and artificial human “organ-on-a-chip” technologies which consists of developing cell culture chips capable of simulating the activities and mechanics of entire organs and organ systems. His third area of research aims at developing smart nano-engineered systems for single-cell drug or gene delivery for nanomedicine. Dr. Leary currently holds nine issued U.S. Patents with four currently pending, and he has received NIH funding for over 25 years.

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