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WIREs Nanomed Nanobiotechnol
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WIREs Nanomedicine and Nanobiotechnology

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Near‐infrared light‐responsive nanomaterials for cancer theranostics
Advanced Review
Heejung Kim,Kyungwha Chung,Seungjin Lee,Dong Ha Kim,Hyukjin Lee

Ultra‐bright and stimuli‐responsive fluorescent nanoparticles for bioimaging
Focus Article
Giulia Battistelli,Andrea Cantelli,Gloria Guidetti,Jeannette Manzi,Marco Montalti

Particulate delivery systems for vaccination against bioterrorism agents and emerging infectious pathogens
Advanced Review
Yuchen Fan,James J. Moon

High throughput toxicity screening and intracellular detection of nanomaterials
Advanced Review
Andrew R. Collins,Balasubramanyam Annangi,Laura Rubio,Ricard Marcos,Marco Dorn,Carolin Merker,Irina Estrela‐Lopis,Mihaela Roxana Cimpan,Mohamed Ibrahim,Emil Cimpan,Melanie Ostermann,Alexander Sauter,Naouale El Yamani,Sergey Shaposhnikov,Sylvie Chevillard,Vincent Paget,Romain Grall,Jozo Delic,Felipe Goñi‐ de‐Cerio,Blanca Suarez‐Merino,Valérie Fessard,Kevin N. Hogeveen,Lise Maria Fjellsbø,Elise Runden Pran,Tana Brzicova,Jan Topinka,Maria João Silva,P. E. Leite,A. R. Ribeiro,J. M. Granjeiro,Roland Grafström,Adriele Prina‐Mello,Maria Dusinska

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Mauro Ferrari

Mauro Ferrari

started out in mechanical engineering and became interested in nanotechnology with his studies on nanomechanics and nanofluidics. His research work and involvement with setting up some of the premier nano centers and alliances in the world, bringing together universities, hospitals, and federal agencies, showcases interdisciplinarity at work.

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