About WIREs

Key features of the WIREs model

  • The WIREs publications focus on high-profile research areas at the interfaces of the traditional disciplines.
  • Content for each WIREs title is selected, invited, and reviewed by an internationally renowned Editorial Board, ensuring that the highest scientific and presentational standards are maintained.
  • Coverage is carefully crafted to provide an encyclopedic coverage of the field.
  • New and updated reviews are added every month, ensuring that the most current information in the field is always available.
  • Reviews are highly structured and consistently formatted, maximizing the accessibility and utility of the content to the user.

Article types are designed to cater to a variety of end users

  • Editorial Commentaries provide an opportunity for WIREs Editors to offer their own syntheses of broad areas of research in a less formal and more flexible style.
  • Opinions provide a forum for thought-leaders to offer a more individual perspective.
  • Primers are meant to be understood by a very general audience, such as undergraduates just entering a given field.
  • Overviews provide a broad and non-technical treatment of important topics suitable for advanced students and for researchers without a strong background in the field.
  • Advanced Reviews examine key areas of research in a citation-rich format suitable for researchers and advanced students.
  • Focus Articles present specific real-world issues, examples, and implementations.
  • Software Focus articles describe specific software packages of high utility in a certain field, with an emphasis on their capabilities and implementations rather than methodology.