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WIREs Cogn Sci
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Editorial & Advisory Board

Eric Aaron Colby College Computer Science
Melissa Baese-Berk University of Oregon Linguistics
Anna Fisher Carnegie Mellon University Psychology
Juan-Carlos Gómez University of St. Andrews Cognitive Biology
Joseph Kable University of Pennsylvania Neuroeconomics
Marjorie Rhodes New York University Psychology
Wayne Wu Carnegie Mellon University Philosophy
Sarah Sterbinsky Wiley Managing Editor

Previous Editor in Chief (2007-2016)
Lynn Nadel University of Arizona Neuroscience; Psychology

Previous Associate Editors
Dana H. Ballard University of Texas at Austin Computer Science
Peter W. Culicover Ohio State University Linguistics
Michael Corballis University of Auckland Cognitive Biology; Psychology
Paul Michael Corballis University of Auckland Psychology
Gary Cottrell University of California, San Diego Computer Science
Nora Newcombe Temple University Psychology
Shaun Nichols University of Arizona Philosophy
Mary Peterson University of Arizona Neuroscience
Alan Sanfey University of Arizona; Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition and Behaviour Economics; Neuroscience
Luca Tommasi University of Chieti Cognitive Biology
Laura Wagner Ohio State University Linguistics

International Advisory Board
Susan Fitzpatrick The James S. McDonnell Foundation, USA
Annette Karmiloff-Smith (2008-2016) Birkbeck, University of London
Lynn Nadel University of Arizona

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