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WIREs Water
Impact Factor: 6.139

Editorial & Advisory Board

Stuart N. Lane Université de Lausanne, Switzerland

Senior Editors
Vern Scarborough University of Cincinnati, USA
Jan Seibert University of Zürich, Switzerland
Nigel Wright Nottingham Trent University, UK

Associate Editors

WIREs Water Associate Editors work with the Editor in Chief to develop a detailed conceptual outline and provide scope descriptions for the guidance of authors. They direct the commissioning and peer-review of all articles in their domain, working collaboratively with other editors with respect to the interdisciplinary scope of the publication and its ongoing updating and expansion.

Kelly Alley Auburn University, USA
Thom Bogaard Delft University of Technology, Netherlands
Kirk French Pennsylvania State University, USA
Sarah Godsey Idaho State University, USA
Thomas Hartmann Wageningen University & Research, Netherlands
Gemma Harvey Queen Mary University of London, UK
Wendy Jepson Texas A&M University, USA
Naho Mirumachi King's College London, UK
Bethany Neilson Utah State University, USA
Marie-Elodie Perga Université de Lausanne, Switzerland
Lenka Slavíková Jan Evangelista Purkyne University, Czech Republic
Federica Sulas University of Cambridge, UK
Qiuhong Tang Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
Christian Torgersen U.S. Geological Survey, USA

International Advisory Board

Separate from the Executive Editorial Board, the panel of international advisors for WIREs Water promotes the journal through their networks and generally act as advocates for the journal. They provide advice concerning suitable candidates for replacement Associate Editors as well as ad hoc advice to the Editor-in-Chief concerning the on-going development of the publication.

Stanley Asah University of Washington, USA
Paul Bates Bristol University, UK
Lisa Belyea Queen Mary University of London, UK
Rutgerd Boelens Wageningen University, Netherlands
Tim Burt Durham University, UK
Nathalie Chèvre University of Lausanne, Switzerland
Giuliano Di Baldassarre UNESCO-IHE, Netherlands
Alexander Fernald New Mexico State University, USA
Shirley J. Fiske University of Maryland, USA
Hayley Fowler University of Newcastle, UK
Robert Francis King's College London
Berry Gersonius UNESCO-IHE, Netherlands
Andrew Hodson University of Sheffield, UK
Arjen Hoekstra University of Twente, Netherlands
George Hornberger Vanderbilt University, USA
Barbara Rose Johnston Centre for Political Ecology, Santa Cruz, USA
Stefan Krause University of Birmingham, UK
Niklas Linde University of Lausanne, Switzerland
Jamie Linton Université de Limoges, France
Jeffrey McDonnell University of Sakatchewan, Canada
Lyla Mehta Institute of Development studies, University of Sussex, UK and Norwegian University of Life Sciences
Alberto Montanari University of Bologna, Italy
Michael Norton AMEC Ltd., UK
Jacinta Palerm Estudios del Desarrollo Rural, Colegio de Postgraduados, Mexico
Murugesu Sivapalan University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA
Margaret Somerville University of Western Sydney, Australia
Veronica Strang Durham University, UK
Paul Trawick Idaho State University, USA
Seth M. White Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission, USA

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