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Sachet water: regulation and implications for access and equity in Accra, Ghana

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This study explores everyday lived experiences of sachet water consumption in Accra, Ghana with a particular attention to underserved areas. The aim of this focus article is twofold: to contribute to the emerging literature on sachet water by providing an account of its consumption in a city where the commodity is most ubiquitous, and to consider key research questions as the conversation around sachet water grapples with issues of regulation. The study examines the profound impact of sachet water on the municipal waterscape of Accra and focuses on the twined notions of access and equity. This study highlights how regulating the sachet water industry remains fraught with difficulties and argues that regulating the industry must begin with a commitment to universal access and must consider water needs beyond a narrow focus on drinking water. WIREs Water 2017, 4:e1244. doi: 10.1002/wat2.1244 This article is categorized under: Engineering Water > Planning Water Human Water > Rights to Water Engineering Water > Sustainable Engineering of Water

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