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Evaluation and communication of pluvial flood risks in urban areas

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Abstract The increase of pluvial flooding has long been discussed to be a most probable outcome of climate change. This has raised the question of necessary consequences in the design of urban drainage systems in order to secure adequate flood protection and resilience. Due to the uncertainties in future trends of heavy rainfall events, the awareness of remaining risks of extreme pluvial flooding needs to be roused at responsible decision makers and the public as well leading to the implementation of pluvial flood risk management (PFRM) concepts. The state of two core elements of PFRM in Germany are described here: flood hazard and risk evaluation and risk communication. In 2016 the guideline DWA‐M 119 has been published to establish city‐based PFRM concepts in specification of the European Flood Risk Management Directive (EU 2007). As core elements, the guidelines recommend a site‐specific analysis and evaluation of flood hazards and potentials of flood damages to create flood hazard and flood risk maps. In the long run, PFRM needs to be established as a joint community effort and a requirement for more flood resilience. The risk communication within the administration and in the public requires a comprehensible characterization and classification of heavy rainfall to illustrate event extremity. The concept of a rainstorm severity index (RSI) instead of statistical rainfall parameters appears to be promising to gain a better perception by affected citizens and non‐hydrology‐experts as well. A methodical approach is described to specify and assign site‐specific rainfall depths within the severity index scheme RSI12. This article is categorized under: Engineering Water > Sustainable Engineering of Water Engineering Water > Planning Water Engineering Water > Methods
Stages of sewer surcharge
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RSI12 concept for the purpose of pluvial flood risk communication (Schmitt et al., )
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Objectives and target groups of flood risk communication (own illustration according to Krieger & Schmitt, )
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Methods of flood hazard analysis (own illustration according to DWA, and Krieger & Schmitt, )
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Pluvial flood risk management cycle (adapted from EU 2007 own illustration according to Krieger & Schmitt, )
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Impact categories of urban drainage and pluvial flood risk management concerns—as a joint community task (own illustration according to DWA (2008) and Schmitt et al., )
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