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Variations in dew moisture regimes in desert ecosystems and their influencing factors

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Abstract As an important source of non‐rainfall input of land–surface liquid water, dew has considerable ecological and hydrological significance in desert ecosystems. Dew moisture regime is commonly used for characterizing available dew. It discloses not only the contributions of dew to plants, small animals, and biological crusts but also the mechanism by which desert organisms adapt to extreme climates. By reviewing the existing researches on dew moisture regimes in desert ecosystems, this study reveals the variations in the amount and duration of dew, as well as its influencing factors at site‐, catchment‐, and regional scales, based on the radiation cooling theory and the physical mechanisms of dew formation. Furthermore, it compares the differences in dew moisture between various sites and catchments, illustrates the trends in daily and annual dew moisture in various deserts, and identifies the existing problems of researches on dew moisture regimes amid climate change. The findings of this study enhance preliminary knowledge on the reasonable utilization of dew water, worldwide. This article is categorized under: Science of Water > Hydrological Processes Water and Life > Nature of Freshwater Ecosystems
Major water sources in desert ecosystems
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Annual amount of dew (a), altitude (b), annual average temperature (c), annual average rainfall (d), annual average relative humidity (e), and annual average evaporation (f) for research sites in this review
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Changes in daily amount of dew (a) and daily dew duration (b) under different weather conditions in the Negev, Tengger, and Badain Jaran Deserts
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Changes in daily amount of dew (a), daily soil temperature (b), daily air temperature (c), and daily relative humidity (d) along the longitude of desert sites
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Locations of research sites in the Sede Boqer and positions of Nizzana, Sede Boqer and Har Harif in the Negev Desert, Israel
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Distribution of regions in which research on desert dew moisture regimes has been conducted
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Framework of dew moisture regime review
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