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Neural mechanisms of decision‐making in aging

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Abstract The present review synthesizes findings on decision neuroscience and aging by focusing on decision processes that have been extensively studied in neuroeconomics and critically assessing the driving mechanisms of age‐related change. The paper first highlights age‐related changes to key brain structures that have been implicated in decision‐making, then, reviews specific decision components and discusses investigations of age‐related changes to their neural mechanisms. The review also weighs evidence for organic brain aging versus age‐related changes to social and psychological factors in mediating age effects. Reviewed findings are discussed in the context of theories and frameworks that have been used to explain trajectories of change in decision‐making across adulthood. This article is categorized under: Psychology > Development and Aging Psychology > Reasoning and Decision‐Making Neuroscience > Cognition
Schematic representation of age‐related changes to key neural mechanisms of value‐based decision processing. Regions are depicted in boxes from white to dark gray. Darker boxes are associated with greater structural and functional decline in normal aging
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