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Working memory

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Abstract The working memory system maintains the limited information that can be kept in mind at one time. These memories are distinct from the vast amount of information stored in long‐term memory. Here we give a brief summary of findings over the past half‐century in the areas of working memory that we see as particularly important for understanding its nature. We discuss several current controversies, including whether there are different systems or brain modules for different kinds of working memory, why we lose items from working memory, and how individuals and age groups differ. We try to describe what is and is not known. Last, a discussion of findings from neuroimaging helps to constrain working memory theory. Copyright © 2010 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd. This article is categorized under: Psychology > Memory Neuroscience > Cognition

Models of working memory as conceptualized by three researchers: (a) Atkinson and Shiffrin.7 (b) Baddeley.8, 10 (c) Cowan.11.

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