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Status of solar cooling in the World: markets and available products

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Solar thermal cooling technology is nowadays facing a very exciting challenge. Air conditioning is a constant growing energy segment, especially in sunny and emerging countries. The worldwide trend for development of Renewables must cover this critical cooling application and solar thermal energy presents a natural and strong solution to address it. However, even if reliable technologically advanced products are presently available, the solar cooling sector needs to leap from a pre‐industrial and demonstration status into a competitive mass market. The solar cooling market is made for the time being of solar cooling kits, some custom made solar desiccant evaporative cooling systems and sorption systems. WIREs Energy Environ 2015, 4:229–234. doi: 10.1002/wene.132 This article is categorized under: Solar Heating and Cooling > Systems and Infrastructure
Latest water/LiBr absorption chillers for solar cooling systems. (Courtesy of EAW (left and middle) and Sakura (right))
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Cost development of small to large‐scale solar cooling kits. (Courtesy of Solem Consulting/Green Chiller)
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Market development of small to large‐scale solar cooling systems worldwide. (Courtesy of Solem Consulting/Tecsol)
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Identified SDEC systems per country. (Courtesy of AIT)
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Small water/silica gel adsorption chillers for solar cooling kits. (Courtesy of SorTech)
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Small‐scale water/zeolite adsorption chillers. (Courtesy of InvenSor (left) and Mitsubishi Plastics (right))
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Small‐ and medium‐scale ammonia/water absorption chillers. (Courtesy of Pink (left), AGO (middle), and Tranter Solarice (right))
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