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WIREs Energy Environ.
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Global competitiveness analysis of energy storage system:model and index

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Energy storage system (ESS) plays a significant role in increasing the reliability and the performance of electricity generation, transmission, and distribution. Because of its positive relevance to the electric grid, renewables, and grid security, many developed countries enhance their efforts to develop the ESS technologies. A comparative study on global ESS competitiveness helps researchers to identify leading and lagging countries in ESS field while providing the key indicators to explain the differences. To develop a model index to measure the ESS competitiveness, we, first, devises a competitiveness framework of categories and indicators based on theories of science and technology innovation. Second, we set up the model indexes, both theoretical and experimental, by conducting analytic hierarchy process analysis and collecting experts’ review. Then, we measure the ESS competitiveness of 11 OECD countries and China, and find that the United States is an outstanding first‐runner in the ESS sector. China is the second while Japan, Germany, and South Korea belong to the next competitive group. Research findings in this paper provide policy implications for ESS technological development and commercialization. WIREs Energy Environ 2017, 6:e235. doi: 10.1002/wene.235 This article is categorized under: Energy Infrastructure > Economics and Policy Energy Systems Economics > Economics and Policy Energy Policy and Planning > Economics and Policy
Overall research methodology and diagram. AHP, analytic hierarchy process; ESS, energy storage system.
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Technology mix of announced energy storage projects. Source: Ref , p. 3.
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Announced energy storage projects worldwide. Source: Ref , p. 2.
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National comparison of energy storage system (ESS) competitiveness
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