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The future of power systems: Challenges, trends, and upcoming paradigms

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Abstract The decarbonization of the economy, for which the contribution of power systems is significant, is a growing trend in Europe and in the world. In order to achieve the Paris Agreement's ambitious environmental goals, a substantial increase in the contribution of renewable sources to the energy generation mix is required. This trend brings about relevant challenges as the integration of this type of sources increases, namely in terms of the distribution system operation. In this paper, the challenges foreseen for future power systems are identified and the most effective approaches to deal with them are reviewed. The strategies include the development of Smart Grid technologies (meters, sensors, and actuators) coupled with computational intelligence that act as new sources of data, as well as the connection of distributed energy resources to distribution grids, encompassing the deployment of distributed generation and storage systems and the dissemination of electric vehicles. The impact of these changes in the distribution system as a whole is evaluated from a technical and environmental perspective. In addition, a review of management and control architectures designed for distribution systems is conducted. This article is categorized under: Energy Infrastructure > Systems and Infrastructure Energy Infrastructure > Economics and Policy
Future challenges to power systems
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Sustainable architecture. (Reprinted with permission from Madureira et al. (). Copyright 2015, IET)
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Multimicrogrid architecture. (Reprinted with permission from Lopes et al. (). Copyright 2013, Wiley)
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MicroGrid architecture. (Reprinted with permission from (Lopes et al. (). Copyright 2013, Wiley)
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