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Learning energy efficiency networks in Latin America: Lessons learned from the Argentinean case

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Abstract The article describes the results achieved so far in the implementation of five Learning Energy Efficiency Networks (LEENs) and Energy Management Systems (EMSs) in industry, based on ISO 50001. These LEENs are a component of the Energy Efficiency Project between the European Union and the Argentinean Government (www.eficienciaenergetica.net.ar). Their objective is to implement EMS for the participants, and prepare them for certification of the ISO 50001 Standard. This EU funded Project aims to support the Government of Argentina in its efforts to modernize its energy sector through the creation of an enabling environment for energy efficiency and the facilitation of technologies and transfer of knowledge for key sectors, such as industry. The LEEN and EMS are a collaborative methodology between different industrial actors pursuing a common objective, using the exchange of experiences and receiving technical support offered by experts. These Networks have been and are being widely used in the industrial sector of Germany, where there is the largest number of Learning Networks; there are also Latin American experiences in applying Learning Networks in industrial sectors in Mexico, led by the National Commission for the Efficient Use of Energy (CONUEE). Since the initiation of the Project in Argentina, this concept has been applied to about 60 industrial companies distributed in five regional networks. The article concludes with the implementation and results of these networks so far in Argentina, along with suggestions on designing future strategies for LEENs, promoting their expansion all over the industrial sector in Latin America. This article is categorized under: Energy Efficiency > Climate and Environment
Total final consumption by sectors in Argentina. 2019. Source: Author's analysis based on National Energy Balances of the Secretary of Energy
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Energy efficiency barriers identified in the Argentinean Industrial Sector. Source: EU Energy Efficiency Project
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Learning energy efficiency networks under implementation in Argentina in the framework of the Energy Efficiency Project financed by the European Union. Source: Authors, Energy Efficiency Project
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Industrial energy consumption by activity. 2019. Source: Dubrovsky et al. (2020)
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