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What do practicing lawyers need to know about technology?

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Abstract Continuing advances in technology and the many ways technologies are used involve both legal issues and ethical concerns impacting today's lawyers and the practice of law. What laws apply to existing technology? If current technology is used in new ways will existing laws apply to these new uses? Will new technology require new laws? How will existing ethical rules apply to today's technology? What are the technology related ethical issues that practicing lawyers must consider? How can lawyers keep up with advances in technology including electronically stored information and the artificial intelligence necessary to understand and use this technology? What resources are available to attorneys to assist in meeting these challenges? How can practicing lawyers successfully meet today's tech‐driven changes? This article is categorized under: Jurisprudence and Regulatory Oversight > Digital Courtroom Jurisprudence and Regulatory Oversight > Communication Across Science and Law

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Jurisprudence and Regulatory Oversight > Communication Across Science and Law
Jurisprudence and Regulatory Oversight > Digital Courtroom

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