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Smartphones for latent fingerprint processing and photography: A revolution in forensic science

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Abstract Smartphones are a great technological revolution of the last decade. Their characteristics, such as high‐resolution cameras, internal storage, and processing capacity, make them useful for different technical solutions, such as forensics. The latent fingerprint is a critical piece of evidence in crime scenes; it is invisible to the naked eye, so different methods for improving visualization are essential. Several techniques, based on chemical and physical processes, have been developed over time. Smartphones can help improve visualization through optical features. Recent studies have evaluated combining methods of acquiring latent fingerprints with smartphones, showing different principles for this purpose. Using this type of tool remains controversial, especially regarding its admissibility in court. Studies in this area are necessary since these tools would make the lives of forensic scientists much easier. Among the main reasons for its application in crime scenes are ease of use, wide availability for purchase, and the low cost involved, which is of great interest to developing countries. This work aims to show that a smartphone camera is also a suitable tool for enhancing and acquiring latent digital fingerprints with sufficient quality for forensic use. This review shows further research and discusses image quality, admissibility in court, and its importance for developing countries due to its low cost. This article is categorized under: Digital and Multimedia Science > Mobile Forensics Crime Scene Investigation > From Traces to Intelligence and Evidence Digital and Multimedia Science > Multimedia Forensics

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