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The impact of automation and artificial intelligence on digital forensics

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Abstract Artificial intelligence (AI; broadly defined to include Machine Learning and Deep Learning) and automation are two current and reciprocal computing disciplines. As such, AI‐powered software, programs, operating systems, and devices are developed on a massive scale to automate a wide variety of processes and operations. The principal aims of integrating AI and automation include efficiency, accuracy, and cost‐reduction. While there is still an on‐going cost associated with automation, the cost is typically many magnitudes smaller than the on‐going costs incurred to get the job done manually, which increases the likelihood of generating a high return on investment. One emerging application of AI and automation is digital forensics. For example, US Federal and State Law Enforcement Agencies have started exploring the utility of AI‐powered technology to make the job of digital forensics more impactful. This trend can maximize the accuracy of digital forensic investigations, enabling the resolution of more digital investigations. This article is categorized under: Digital and Multimedia Science > Cyber Threat Intelligence Digital and Multimedia Science > Artificial Intelligence Digital and Multimedia Science > Cybercrime Investigation
Total complaints tracked By IC3 from 2001 to 2019 (Jarrett, 2021)
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Digital infrastructure security utilizing IPS
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(a) Manual process. (b) Automated process
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(a) The relationship between automation, AI, and ML/DL. (b) A second look at the relationship between automation, AI, and ML/DL
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Total losses tracked by IC3 from 2001 to 2019 (Jarrett, 2021)
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