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Can Zoom video conferencing tool be misused for real‐time cybercrime?

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Abstract Video conferencing tool Zoom has boomed during this COVID pandemic situation. Although Zoom has been very useful for facilitating work‐from‐home and study‐from‐home arrangements, its misuse can result in cybercrime cases. The world has already seen the adverse effect of a Zoom‐related cybercrime, Zoombombing. In this article, we discuss how Zoom can also be misused for launching real‐time cybercrime, such as piracy and real‐time pornography. The end‐to‐end encryption proposed to be used by Zoom can further complicate these cybercrime issues. The existing mechanisms may not be sufficient in dealing with these real‐time issues. New mechanisms need to be found. This article is categorized under: Digital and Multimedia Science > Multimedia Forensics
A Zoombombing case when pornographic content was shared (Taylor, 2020)
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Communication without and with end‐to‐end encryption
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One participant in a Zoom session sharing her screen with another participant. Both enjoying a movie
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