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Luminescent nanostructures for the detection of latent fingermarks: A review

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Abstract Multicolored, multipatterned, and luminescent substrates remain significant challenges for successful detection of latent fingermarks. One effective way to overcome issues with these substrates when visualizing latent fingermarks is the elimination of any background interference through the use of approaches based on luminescence. Luminescent nanoparticles with their unique characteristics including tunable size, high surface energy, and capability of being surface engineered, have sparked great interest in their potential to be utilized for the detection of latent fingermarks on these challenging substrates. These nanoparticles can be inherently luminescent, engineered to luminesce, possibly over specific wavelength ranges, or combined with luminescent agents. This article discusses the reported luminescence‐based nanotechnology applied for enhanced visualization of latent fingermarks to cast light on future possibilities. This article is categorized under: Forensic Chemistry and Trace Evidence > Fingermarks and Other Marks Forensic Chemistry and Trace Evidence > Emerging Technologies and Methods
Distribution of the number of publications discussing the application of different types of (a) inherently luminescent nanoparticles (n = 103) and (b) QDs to the detection of latent fingermarks (n = 51) (based on Table 1)
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Distribution of publications (n = 145) that used different (a) development methods, (b) number of donors and (c) types of secretions (based on Tables 1, 2, and 3). NIP, no information provided
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Number of publications for cadmium‐based and cadmium‐free QDs per year (based on Table 1)
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