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Abstract This article discusses ggplot2, an open source R package, based on a grammatical theory of graphics. The underlying theory has been discussed in depth elsewhere so this article illustrates some of the consequences of the theory for creating new graphics, the importance of programmable graphics, and the rich ecosystem that has grown up around ggplot2. WIREs Comp Stat 2011 3 180–185 DOI: 10.1002/wics.147 This article is categorized under: Software for Computational Statistics > Software/Statistical Software Statistical and Graphical Methods of Data Analysis > Statistical Graphics and Visualization

Eight scatterplots show the location of three pointers attempted by the Los Angeles Lakers; the shots are colored by outcome. One plot shows the real data and seven plots show data from the null hypothesis. Can you spot the real data?

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Two examples of polished versions of the waterfall chart. (Left) Modifying the scales makes the plot easier to understand, and (right) modifying the theme gives a traditional white background with black gridlines.

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Adding labels to show actual amounts.

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Rectangles display change in balance at each time point.

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A waterfall chart showing balance changes in a fiction company. Used with permission from Stephen McDaniel at Freakalytics.com.

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The data analysis cycle.

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Graphics created for the ggplot2 case study competition for data on (left) the spectroscopic grading of gliomas, (center) mitochondrialdna, and (right) the music of Bach.

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