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Analysis of ranking data

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Abstract Ranking is one of the simple and efficient data collection techniques to understand individuals' perception and preferences for some items such as products, people, and species. Ranking data are frequently collected when individuals are asked to rank a set of items according to a certain preference criterion. Over the years, many statistical models and methods have been developed for analyzing ranking data. This paper will give a literature review of these models and methods and present the recent advances of the analysis of ranking data. This article is categorized under: Statistical and Graphical Methods of Data Analysis > Nonparametric Methods
Permutation polytopes for two ranking datasets with t = 3 (left) and t = 4 (right)
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A hypothetical example for a two‐dimensional wandering (a) vector and (b) ideal‐point model
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MDU (left) and MDPREF (right) for the “big four” EPL ranking data
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