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Performance evaluation in non‐intrusive load monitoring: Datasets, metrics, and tools—A review

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Non‐intrusive load monitoring (also known as NILM or energy disaggregation) is the process of estimating the energy consumption of individual appliances from electric power measurements taken at a limited number of locations in the electric distribution of a building. This approach reduces sensing infrastructure costs by relying on machine learning techniques to monitor electric loads. However, the ability to evaluate and benchmark the proposed approaches across different datasets is key for enabling the generalization of research findings and consequently contributes to the large‐scale adoption of this technology. Still, only recently researchers have focused on creating and standardizing the existing datasets in order to deliver a single interface to run NILM evaluations. Furthermore, there is still no consensus regarding, which performance metrics should be used to measure and report the performance of NILM systems and their underlying algorithms. This paper provides a review of the main datasets, metrics, and tools for evaluating the performance of NILM systems and technologies. Specifically, we review three main topics: (a) publicly available datasets, (b) performance metrics, and (c) frameworks and toolkits. The review suggests future research directions in NILM systems and technologies, including cross‐datasets, performance metrics for evaluation and generalizable frameworks for benchmarking NILM technology. This article is categorized under: Application Areas > Science and Technology Application Areas > Data Mining Software Tools Technologies > Computational Intelligence Technologies > Machine Learning
Example of event‐based energy disaggregation (Reprinted with permission from Hart (). Copyright 1992 IEEE)
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Example of event‐less energy disaggregation (Reprinted with permission from Hart (). Copyright 1992 IEEE)
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