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Internet of Things and data mining: From applications to techniques and systems

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The Internet of Things (IoT) is the result of the convergence of sensing, computing, and networking technologies, allowing devices of varying sizes and computational capabilities (things) to intercommunicate. This communication can be achieved locally enabling what is known as edge and fog computing, or through the well‐established Internet infrastructure, exploiting the computational resources in the cloud. The IoT paradigm enables a new breed of applications in various areas including health care, energy management and smart cities. This paper starts off with reviewing these applications and their potential benefits. Challenges facing the realization of such applications are then discussed. The sheer amount of data stemmed from devices forming the IoT requires new data mining systems and techniques that are discussed and categorized later in this paper. Finally, the paper is concluded with future research directions. This article is categorized under: Fundamental Concepts of Data and Knowledge > Big Data Mining Application Areas > Health Care Application Areas > Industry Specific Applications
Using IoT and data mining, energy generated from renewable sources can be distributed fairly; energy can be stored and shared through utilization of private energy storage systems (batteries) in houses
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Categorization of data mining techniques for Internet of Things
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Internet of Things networks connectivity options
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Using Internet of Things to predict human behavior in buildings for optimal energy management control leading to energy savings in buildings
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