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Data mining tools

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The development and application of data mining algorithms requires the use of powerful software tools. With challenges such as big data encountered in economy or gene sequencing for life science, data mining is important for daily problems as well as specialized fields. However, the large variety of requirements and user groups lead to a huge number and diversity of software tools. We give an overview by discussing the historical development and presenting a range of existing state‐of‐the‐art data mining and related tools. This paper is an update of our previous article from 2011 following the encyclopedic aspect of Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews to include new findings or references and changing outdated information. However, since the paper should be able to stand alone, it includes many still valid elements of the previous article. Following the original paper, we propose criteria for the tool categorization based on different user groups, data structures, data mining tasks and methods, visualization and interaction styles, import and export options for data and models, platforms, and license policies. These criteria are then used to classify data mining tools into nine different categories. The typical characteristics of these types are explained and a selection of the most important tools is categorized. This article is categorized under: Application Areas > Data Mining Software Tools

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