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Healthcare 4.0: A review of frontiers in digital health

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Abstract Healthcare 4.0 is a term that has emerged recently and derived from Industry 4.0. Today, the health care sector is more digital than in past decades; for example, spreading from x‐rays and magnetic resonance imaging to computed tomography and ultrasound scans to electric medical records. With the wide spectrum of digital technologies underpinning Healthcare 4.0 to deliver more effective and efficient health care services, in this article, we use the wisdom pyramid methodology to conduct a systematic review of current digital frontiers in Healthcare 4.0. This article is categorized under: Technologies > Computer Architectures for Data Mining Application Areas > Health Care Application Areas > Data Mining Software Tools Fundamental Concepts of Data and Knowledge > Knowledge Representation
Wisdom pyramid
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Example of using social media data (Twitter) in Healthcare 4.0
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Health care chatbot
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mHealth medication adherence application
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An illustration of ambient assisted living
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Wearable Internet of things devices and their applications in Healthcare 4.0
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An example of medical bibliographic knowledge base
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Overview of semantic sensor network ontology
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Overview of ontologies employed in Healthcare 4.0
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Examples of electronic medical records
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Ambient Internet of things sensors for unobtrusive monitoring
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Flexible disposable patch sensors that can be attached to skin
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Popular wearable Internet of things devices in Healthcare 4.0
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Healthcare 4.0: Taxonomy of digital technologies, services, and applications
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