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Educational data mining and learning analytics: An updated survey

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Abstract This survey is an updated and improved version of the previous one published in 2013 in this journal with the title “data mining in education”. It reviews in a comprehensible and very general way how Educational Data Mining and Learning Analytics have been applied over educational data. In the last decade, this research area has evolved enormously and a wide range of related terms are now used in the bibliography such as Academic Analytics, Institutional Analytics, Teaching Analytics, Data‐Driven Education, Data‐Driven Decision‐Making in Education, Big Data in Education, and Educational Data Science. This paper provides the current state of the art by reviewing the main publications, the key milestones, the knowledge discovery cycle, the main educational environments, the specific tools, the free available datasets, the most used methods, the main objectives, and the future trends in this research area. This article is categorized under: Application Areas > Education and Learning
Main areas related to Educational Data Mining/Learning Analytics
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Types of educational environments and systems
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Different levels of granularity and their relationship to the amount of data
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Educational Data Mining/Learning Analytics knowledge discovery cycle process
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Number of papers and main events about Educational Data Mining/Learning Analytics terms in Google Schoolar by year (January 1, 2019)
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