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Smart city and resilient city: Differences and connections

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Abstract Smart city (SC) and resilient city (RC) have been studied and practiced over the years in terms of the increasing urban problems and disasters. However, there is a large overlap between their meanings and relationships. With an increasing concern for both SC and RC in urban development and hazard mitigation, a review was conducted to explore the differences and connections between SC and RC with scientometric analysis. There are far more literatures about SC than RC, and very few papers discuss SC and RC together. The research trend, category, and hotspots from research clusters are illustrated and compared. Major differences are discussed from their objectives, driving force, current research focus, and criticism. The literatures both related to SC and RC are used to explore their connections, which are very limited. The results revealed that the RC's impact on SC are positive from physical, social, and environmental aspects, while SC's impacts on RC could be both positive and negative from the above three aspects. It is indicated that SC and RC are both important for urban planning and can be complementary to each other through proper design and governance, which implies the need for building a resilient smart city (RSC). This article is categorized under: Technologies > Structure Discovery and Clustering Technologies > Visualization
Methodology flowchart
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Visualization of SC and RC major research clusters (generated by CiteSpace)
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Time distributions of articles in SC and RC
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