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WIREs Nanomed Nanobiotechnol
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Why I believe nanoparticles are crucial as a carrier for targeted drug delivery

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Abstract Nanoparticles are the only materials small enough to target cells in the body, and therefore are crucial to targeted drug delivery. Issues with the synthesis, consistency, and bioactivity of these molecules are still being addressed, but base on current proof of concept studies there is a reason to believe that the ‘holy grail’ of targeted drug delivery might someday be achieved using nanoparticle‐based systems. WIREs Nanomed Nanobiotechnol 2013. doi: 10.1002/wnan.1226 This article is categorized under: Therapeutic Approaches and Drug Discovery > Emerging Technologies Diagnostic Tools > In Vitro Nanoparticle-Based Sensing Therapeutic Approaches and Drug Discovery > Nanomedicine for Oncologic Disease

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The ability of targeted drug therapy to reduce drug toxicity. Mice on left dosed with free methotrexate lose weight, hair and appear sick due to systemic toxicity. Mice on right dosed with folate‐targeted dendrimer methotrexate exhibit no adverse effects from the chemotherapy but have drug‐induced necrosis of the tumor on the mice.
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Coupling both drug (methotrexate) and targeting ligand (folate) to a dendrimer using a triazine linker and click chemistry offers more efficient coupling and fixed ratios of drug and targeting ligand.
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The biodistribution of targeted versus nontargeted tritium‐labeled dendrimers. Note that the uptake in the folate receptor positive tumor was 10‐fold higher in the targeted dendrimers and persisted over time.
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A multifunctional dendrimer containing a targeting molecule (folate), a drug (methotrexate), and a dye molecule (fluorescein), the latter used to follow the therapeutics in vivo distribution.
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A dendron where a single dye molecule is coupled to multiple targeting ligands. This can also be used to target drugs as well as dyes, and allows for every carrier to have one drug and multiple ligands for high avidity interactions and efficient targeting.
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The challenges of drug delivery in reaching targeted cells.
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