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Update on the development of molecular imaging and nanomedicine in China: Optical imaging

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Abstract Molecular imaging has received increased attention worldwide, including in China, because it offers noninvasive characterization of widely diverse clinically significant pathologies. To achieve these goals, nanomedicine has evolved into a broad interdisciplinary field with flexible designs to accommodate and concentrate imaging and therapeutic payloads into pathological cells through selective binding to disease specific cell membrane biomarkers. This concept of personalized medicine reflects the vision of “magic bullets” proposed by German biochemist Paul Ehrlich over 100 years ago. As happening worldwide, Chinese scientists are contributing to this tsunami of science and technologies through impactful national programs and international research collaborations. This review provides a comprehensive update of Chinese innovations to address intractable unmet medical need in China and worldwide in the optical sciences. This article is categorized under: Diagnostic Tools > in vivo Nanodiagnostics and Imaging
Statistical analyses of the studies in molecular imaging and nanomedicine published by Chinese researchers between 2013 and 2018. (a) Subject distribution and corresponding percentage; (b) number of papers published each year, searched in the database of Web of Science; (c) publications in molecular imaging and nanomedicine in the top 10% and 1% most‐cited; (d) publications in molecular imaging and nanomedicine, by amount of international, national and institutional collaborations
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Different types of AIE dots (Reprinted with permission from S. Chen, Wang, et al. (2016). Copyright 2011 Wiley‐VCH, Copyright 2012 The Royal Society of Chemistry, Copyright 2012 Wiley‐VCH, Copyright 2013 Wiley‐VCH and Copyright 2010 Wiley‐VCH, respectively)
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Luminescent carbon NPs fabricated from commercial grade honey applied to sentinel lymph node photoacoustic imaging (Reprinted with permission from Wu, Cai, et al. (2013). Copyright 2013 Nano Research)
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Nanoprobes for optical imaging
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