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Toward nanobioelectronic medicine: Unlocking new applications using nanotechnology

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Abstract Bioelectronic medicine aims to interface electronic technology with biological components and design more effective therapeutic and diagnostic tools. Advances in nanotechnology have moved the field forward improving the seamless interaction between biological and electronic components. In the lab many of these nanobioelectronic devices have the potential to improve current treatment approaches, including those for cancer, cardiovascular disorders, and disease underpinned by malfunctions in neuronal electrical communication. While promising, many of these devices and technologies require further development before they can be successfully applied in a clinical setting. Here, we highlight recent work which is close to achieving this goal, including discussion of nanoparticles, carbon nanotubes, and nanowires for medical applications. We also look forward toward the next decade to determine how current developments in nanotechnology could shape the growing field of bioelectronic medicine. This article is categorized under: Therapeutic Approaches and Drug Discovery > Emerging Technologies Nanotechnology Approaches to Biology > Nanoscale Systems in Biology Diagnostic Tools > Biosensing
Schematic representation of direct and indirect nanoparticle‐based approaches that can be utilized to actuate cell growth and migration, cell division and death, and gene expression
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Schematic showing how CNTs can be incorporated in FET devices. (a) Where CNT forms the entire semi‐conducting channel whereas (b) the CNTs are embedded within a lipid layer. In both, the CNTs come into contact with the analyte of interest changing the electrical field. VS = source voltage; VD = drain voltage, VBias = bias voltage applied to gate, and CG = gate capacitance
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