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Nanocarrier‐delivered small interfering RNA for chemoresistant ovarian cancer therapy

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Abstract Ovarian cancer is the fifth leading cause of cancer‐related death in women in the United States. Because success in early screening is limited, and most patients with advanced disease develop resistance to multiple treatment modalities, the overall prognosis of ovarian cancer is poor. Despite the revolutionary role of surgery and chemotherapy in curing ovarian cancer, recurrence remains a major challenge in treatment. Thus, improving our understanding of the pathogenesis of ovarian cancer is essential for developing more effective treatments. In this review, we analyze the underlying molecular mechanisms leading to chemotherapy resistance. We discuss the clinical benefits and potential challenges of using nanocarrier‐delivered small interfering RNA to treat chemotherapy‐resistant ovarian cancer. We aim to elicit collaborative studies on nanocarrier‐delivered small interfering RNA to improve the long‐term survival rate and quality of life of patients with ovarian cancer. This article is categorized under: RNA Methods > RNA Nanotechnology Regulatory RNAs/RNAi/Riboswitches > RNAi: Mechanisms of Action
Schematic illustration of drug resistance mechanism in ovarian cancer treatment
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Schematic diagram of nanocarrier‐mediated siRNA delivery and its mechanism of action
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Schematic diagram of working models of different types of RNA interference
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