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Insights into nuclear dynamics using live‐cell imaging approaches

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The nucleus contains the genetic blueprint of the cell and myriad interactions within this subcellular structure are required for gene regulation. In the current scientific era, characterization of these gene regulatory networks through biochemical techniques coupled with systems‐wide ‘omic’ approaches has become commonplace. However, these strategies are limited because they represent a mere snapshot of the cellular state. To obtain a holistic understanding of nuclear dynamics, relevant molecules must be studied in their native contexts in living systems. Live‐cell imaging approaches are capable of providing quantitative assessment of the dynamics of gene regulatory interactions within the nucleus. We survey recent insights into what live‐cell imaging approaches have provided the field of nuclear dynamics. In this review, we focus on interactions of DNA with other DNA loci, proteins, RNA, and the nuclear envelope. WIREs Syst Biol Med 2017, 9:e1372. doi: 10.1002/wsbm.1372 This article is categorized under: Models of Systems Properties and Processes > Cellular Models Laboratory Methods and Technologies > Imaging
Overview of nuclear interactions surveyed through the application of live‐imaging approaches. Transcriptionally silenced heterochromatic DNA (thick red lines) is associated with the nuclear envelope through interactions with the nuclear lamina (blue lines). Transcriptionally active DNA (thin red lines) is dynamically regulated through complex three‐dimensional organization and through interactions with transcriptional regulators (purple circles). Actively transcribed regions permit binding of RNA polymerase (orange circle) and production of messenger RNA (black lines).
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