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Alex Hoffmann
Current Affiliation: Signaling Systems Laboratory, UCSD, USA
Research Area: NF-kB signaling

The dynamic control by IkB proteins was best captured with a kinetic model of ordinary differential equations. Hoffmann then used the combined computational and experimental approach to study mechanisms of gene expression and signal transduction. He developed the first mathematical model of NF- kB signaling. Moreover, Dr. Hoffmann formulated the hypothesis of a “Temporal Code in Inflammatory Signaling” based on the distinct function of negative feedback regulators. He is a leading investigator in the study of the IkB/NF-kB signaling pathway and his group is focused on elucidating its signal processing mechanisms. In their research, his group combines different approaches, including genetics and molecular biology to develop a computational model of IkB/NF-kB signaling (NF-kB WebModel) to generate predictions about physiological and pathological processes.

“The biggest challenge facing biomedical science today is its evolution into a quantitative and theory-based science.  Without theory, there is no predictive understanding, and science is reduced to “stamp collecting” empirical observations through Pubmed.  As we move forward in the postgenomic era, Systems Biology will increasingly focus on achieving mechanistic understanding through modeling that will result in a theory of biological regulation. My biggest motivation is to accelerate that process in the interest of advancing biomedical practice.”

Articles by Alex Hoffmann

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DOI: 10.1002/wsbm.1331
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Published Online: May 05 2009
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