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WIREs Energy Environ.
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Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews:
WIREs Energy and Environment
Volume 9 Issue 3 (May 2020)
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Advanced Review

The future of power systems: Challenges, trends, and upcoming paradigms
Published Online: Dec 04 2019
DOI: 10.1002/wene.368
Future Challenges to Power Systems.
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Focus Articles

Overplanting in offshore wind power plants in different regulatory regimes
Published Online: Mar 04 2020
DOI: 10.1002/wene.371
Overplanting in offshore wind farms is profitable but magnitude depends on the regulatory setup. Overplanting of offshore wind farms with additional turbines relative to export cable capacity is in general attractive but the optimal number of turbines depends on the specific setting. There are two possible contributions to additional profit from overplanting; the first and main one is the increased use of the fixed connection capacity; the second is due to receiving the support payments earlier in case of a maximum lifetime production volume entitled to support. Both contributions depend on the regulatory regime and this is analyzed and compared to other studies including UK and Danish conditions. Using a discounted cash flow model, regulatory regimes and geographic characteristics of offshore wind development areas are compared by their impact on the profitability of overplanting. It is found that UK conditions are favorable to the option of overplanting from the developer perspective, where the benefit of using the connection line more efficiently supports overplanting. In the Danish case, the private incentive to add turbines has been limited due to the constraint of limiting subsidies to a given total energy output. When the cost of turbines decline relative to connection costs the overplanting tend to become more attractive and if the length of connections increases with for example far offshore projects in the North Sea the benefit of overplanting also rises. Socioeconomically overplanting may also be an efficient strategy as scarce investment funds for cable capacity per transported kwh is saved.
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Cost comparison and optimization of gas electric hybrid heat pumps
Published Online: Jan 02 2020
DOI: 10.1002/wene.370
The optimal operation of gas electric hybrid heat pumps.
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