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WIREs Nanomed Nanobiotechnol
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WIREs Nanomedicine and Nanobiotechnology

  • The first title in the innovative WIREs publication series
  • An authoritative, encyclopedic resource addressing key topics from the perspectives of drug development, diagnostics, biophysics, chemistry, engineering, virology, and toxicology
  • High-quality content commissioned from expert contributors and peer-reviewed to a rigorous standard
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  • Indexed by MEDLINE/PubMed, the Web of Science Group (formerly ISI), Chemical Abstracts Service, Scopus, and ProQuest
  • Offers FREE downloadable PowerPoint presentations of figures for non-profit, educational use

Top Ten WNAN Articles

Gold nanoparticle‐mediated photothermal therapy: applications and opportunities for multimodal cancer treatment
Focus Article
Rachel S. Riley,Emily S. Day

Investigational nanomedicines in 2016: a review of nanotherapeutics currently undergoing clinical trials
Advanced Review
Joseph M. Caster,Artish N. Patel,Tian Zhang,Andrew Wang

Nanoescapology: progress toward understanding the endosomal escape of polymeric nanoparticles
Advanced Review
Laura I. Selby,Christina M. Cortez‐Jugo,Georgina K. Such,Angus P.R. Johnston

Near infrared quantum dots in biomedical applications: current status and future perspective
Peng Zhao,Quan Xu,Jia Tao,Zongwen Jin,Yue Pan,Changmin Yu,Zhiqiang Yu

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